Standard Reboot

Available on all devices and enables remote reboot of the router and SIM via SMS.

Smart Roaming

Multi-Network SIMs connect randomly to one of the networks available to them. Enabling ‘Smart Roaming’ and defining the quality standards needed for the application(s) being served by the SIM results in the SIM connecting to a network that meets the standards specified. If this network then falls below one of those standards it will drop the connection and scan available networks for one that does.


Robustel routers come with the RobustOS SDK. This allows developers to create software that runs directly on the router, enabling the unit to act as a fully integrated IoT Edge Gateway, removing the need for a separate PC in many applications. This offers significant cost savings, energy savings and reduces complexity when rolling out large IoT solutions.

Global routers

A single SKU for global deployments. Routers with the appropriate certification that can work with a broad range of the radio frequencies that mobile operators use around the world.


A 2-year warranty is provided for peace of mind.