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Adoption and paternity are both ways to create and strengthen families. Holly advises and represents adoptive parents on a wide range of issues in cases ranging from stepparent adoption to re-adoption situations where a U.S. birth certificated is needed.
Holly also helps parents with private adoptions, interstate adoptions and adult adoptions.

Holly represents both mothers and fathers in Texas paternity matters. While paternity is often associated with welfare moms and deadbeat dads, those are merely stereotypes. There are many reasons why parents remain unmarried, and it is entirely possible to build and sustain strong families in unconventional households.

Both mothers and fathers may have an interest in establishing paternity. The mother can create an enforceable right to child support, and unmarried fathers often want to establish legally protected rights to custody or possession of their children.

Chip Rose: Growth of Collaborative Law - Video

Chip Rose: Growth of Collaborative Law - Video

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